How to win money through online betting

When it comes to gambling in general, everybody has the same question in mind: how exactly do you make money? How do you not lose? It’s obvious that the answer depends on the game you play, but there a couple of directions you can take to improve your online casino earnings. Still, remember that an important reason why you online casino games are to have fun and win money, so don’t let failure ruin it. Speaking of fun, you could play Angry Birds Christmas at Energy Casino. It’s been recommended by a lot of users and it has big payouts.

Bonus hunting

Much like the bounty hunters of the Wild West, you can look for online casinos that offer bonuses. You probably already know that most of them do, but we want to emphasize that the most substantial ones are given to new users. These are the so called sign up bonuses. Basically, this is how casinos attract people. The casinos give freebies and since people rarely resist something that looks free, they sign up.

Bonus hunting used to be a very profitable way to make money online a few years ago when these bonuses favored the player. However, at this moment there are few casinos that truly give freebies. Virtually all bonuses have wagering requirements and that’s ok, but what changed is that the requirements make it very hard for the player to actually cash in a decent amount. They tend to favor the house and it’s quite easy to understand why. After all, they are not supposed to give money away.

High progressive jackpots

This is the number one way to make a lot of money fast. Online video slots with progressive jackpots make the house advantage disappear. The jackpot keeps growing and the cost of spins combined will always be smaller than the jackpot you can potentially win.

There are a few disadvantages though. Although there is a very small number of players who actually win the extremely high progressive jackpot, the rest of us are likely to run out of money or get too tired before you hit the point where the computer will give you the jackpot.

Nonetheless, the method works and there are plenty of stories where people bet as little as a few hundreds dollars to win millions. This is also the story of Peter Liston who used to be an accountant until he became a professional gambler in Australia after he won big.