Which Lottery has the Best Jackpot Odds? – Lotteries to Bet On

Lotteries are an old and entertaining way of spending time and betting a little bit of money. Some lotteries cost more than others, but those which cost more often offer better prizes or at least a guarantee of a prize. A guaranteed prize is always tempting. People also love lotteries because of online sites and promotional codes. Michigan lottery promos will definitely be enticing to US citizens in Michigan, while an EuroMillions promo would be much more interesting to Europeans.

On the other hand, you have huge jackpots which are even more tempting than a prize. Lots of money for just the price of a ticket is a trade that many would gladly accept. So, what are the odds that you can win one of those prizes? They have to be against the player, simply for financial reasons, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a jackpot. If 300,000 people won a jackpot, they would get a very small amount of money. Here are the lotteries with the best and worst jackpot odds.


SuperEnaLotto – The Lottery to Avoid

If you’re Italian, then you’re likely familiar with your national lottery, but otherwise you might not have heard of it. It is one of the more popular online lotteries, coming after the major international ones and the US big two. The odds in this lottery are that you could win the jackpot in 1 out of every 622,614,630 plays. For comparison, the US Powerball’s odds are 1 to 292,201,338, which is less than twice the plays you would need to purchase. The reason for such low odds is that you need to pick 6 balls out of a possible 90, which is a lot more than other lotteries offer.

EuroMillions – The European Alternative

When talking about gigantic jackpots, EuroMillions is certainly there, though not as large as the US Powerball and Mega Millions. This European lottery has great odds, given the amount of money one could win. The odds are 1 out of 139,838,160, which are again, twice that of the Powerball, or more than twice and more than quadruple to the SuperEnaLotto. With that in mind, Italians would have no reason to play their own lottery, if you just look at the jackpot odds.

Lotteries Worth Considering – Lower Tier Prize Jackpots

Second tier prizes are a different beast. Lotteries with bad odds often compensate for that by offering better odds for second tier prizes. That does not just include the prize next to the jackpot in value, but rather the lowest tier prize which you could also win. Here are the lotteries whose lower tier prizes are the easiest to win.

EuroMillions sits at the top of the table with their 12th division prize. The odds are 1 to 21.

Mega Millions and Powerball are right next to one another, both with 9th division prizes, but the former with 1 to 37 odds and the latter 1 to 38.

These are the lotteries to consider if you want to win a large jackpot or if you want to win any prize. Have in mind that the odds might not be in your favor all the time. If you can at least get enough to refund your ticket, that is a win.

In Which US States is Online Gambling Allowed in 2019? – A US Online Gambling Guide

Online gambling in the United States has been an issue of its own, especially due to the PASPA act of 1992, which banned sports betting in the United States. With that act gone due to it being unconstitutional, sports betting became legalized, but also online gambling. The two are connected, today more than ever, due to the internet. A casino business will often offer sports betting and vice versa. Here are the states which have legalized online gambling and sports betting.

New Jersey

New Jersey was the leader in online gambling regulations in the United States, as well as the first state to legalize sports betting after the PASPA act. They have everything regulated and offer both sports betting and casino games, as well as online poker. They are also the largest online gambling market in the United States, at least at the moment. There are a couple of sites and mobile applications which are dedicated to online gambling.


Pennsylvania is one of the best states to visit if gambling is what you are after, and you do not want to go near the West Coast. Sports betting, online casinos, as well poker are all legal here, not to mention the Pennsylvanian lottery. The major casinos will be launching more of their own online gambling tools to help sports fans and casino fans bet quicker and safer.

West Virginia

West Virginia has legalized sports betting and is looking at legalizing online casino games, as well. Technically, they are possible, but not until 2020. Sports betting, on the other hand, is legal, so if you find yourself in West Virginia, feel free to place a bet on your favorite team.


Delaware is also leading the charge when it comes to online sports betting and casino games. You can do both in Delaware, and have a wider variety of things to play than in other states.


Some look at Nevada and think to themselves that it is the logical choice for gambling. Not if you want to play online casino games. They are illegal in Nevada. But, you can play online poker and place sports bets. For actual casino games and slots, you need to go to a casino.

Rhode Island

Sports betting is legal in Rhode Island and possible only in the state’s two casinos. The casinos actually have to give up a lot of their sports betting revenue, somewhere around 80%. That is a large sum and indicative of the cooperation between the state and casinos.

Online sports betting and casino games, on the other hand, are not yet legalized, but are most likely going to be.

These are the states to look at, but realistically, outside of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, the rest are lagging behind when it comes to online gambling. Rhode Island is getting there, but the 5 states mentioned above, allow almost every kind of online gambling.

What Are Bonuses and How to Find the Best Ones – A Short Guide

If you are someone who prefers gambling to watching TV, you will surely want to find bonuses. If you are familiar with online gambling, you know that many sites, if not all of them, have some bonuses and promotional codes which allow you free spins, bets, extra money on your first deposit, or anything which will entice you to play more.

New users might not know that, and will register on any site, missing out on an opportunity to grab some extra cash along the way. This is even more important as many promotional codes work only for new accounts and new users. It is also worth noting that many sites will not accept the same user having more than one account.

Here is what you can do to find bonuses and promotions better and quicker.

Look for New Sites

One of the best and probably the most efficient ways of obtaining a loyal customer base is to offer them enticing promotional bonuses. Almost every new site offers some bonus or a promotional code, which you can then use to gamble more, or bet a bit more money on whatever it is you like to play.

Take, for instance, casino-coupon-code.ca, a new site which offers you 10 free spins on their 1,000,000 Slot Machine. The bonus is valid until December 31st, 2018 and requires you to bet 30 times the amount of what you won. This bonus, is of course, valid only for new users.

Every new site will have a bonus or promotional code similar to this one, which does grant you something for free, but has its own terms of service which you have to meet. These terms of service are not that restricting.

Visit Established Brands

Every established brand has something to offer for their new customers. They are not the most popular gambling sites for being greedy. Many brands offer from 10 dollars to a 100 dollars depending on your initial deposit. Some like to match you 100% for anything you deposit on your first deposit.

There are various requirements that you have to meet, like a minimum wager, or minimum odds if you are on a sportsbook site. Furthermore, some sites have country-specific restrictions, so the bonus might not apply to you if you are not from the said country. Even popular sites have country-restrictions, so read the terms of service before you deposit any money.

Use Search Engines

Search engines are a very simple way of finding what you need. Looking for promotional codes should net you some results, but you should always check whether a site is legitimate, or their affiliate link. Check the link to the site by checking the actual site and comparing their bonus, if they even have it listed.

Always read the terms of service and check the dates when an article boasting with promotional codes was posted online. Also take note that some articles are often edited to change their date of upload, making sure that they stay relevant for the search engines.

If you want to gamble recreationally and are looking for promotional codes, this should help you find your way around. Gambling is highly addictive so play responsibly and always read the terms of service before placing your bet, however small it might be.

Betting Markets in Nigeria

Nigeria is certainly not shy when it comes to placing bets and gambling in general. Every day, over $20 million change hands in one form of gambling or another. If there weren’t promotions on betting sites, like the Bet Bonus Code, which features the welcome offer and a large number of payment options, the amount of money invested daily into this pastime would probably be even greater.

In fact, the appetite for the games of chance and sports has been steadily increasing to a degree that is above the world’s average. So, here’s what you need to know about betting markets in Nigeria.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has become an integral part of Nigeria’s culture. Soccer is the most popular sport to bet on. Besides following and supporting the local teams, the bettors eagerly follow any and all soccer events in Europe and the world. While soccer is the most lucrative of the ports available to Nigerians, others are not to be neglected.

Nigeria has the British to thank for this hobby, as they were the ones to bring it to the country in the 1920s. While Nigerians were happy to place bets in betting houses, mobile gaming has revolutionized gambling in the country, allowing players to explore the odds that are the best for them. There are very few people who have not placed a bet at one time or another in their lives.

The Numbers                  

While it is possible to interview and collect data from various betting sites and apps, getting the exact figures about the number of people and the amounts of money is a challenge. Why? There are several reasons for this, including the discrepancy between the reports and the fact that there is a lot of illegal gambling as well.

It is very likely, though, that most of the bettors are young people that have the option of visiting any and all of Nigeria’s 50 betting sites. They are the target audience, mostly because of the mobile betting.


Nigeria is a few steps ahead of other African nations, as it has the most payment options. These include Visa and MasterCard, as well as Interswitch. Many betting sites offer their operators and clients even more payment options through their deals and contracts with third parties. Payment-wise, Nigeria is versatile.

The Market

Nigeria is probably going to get a few revisions in the upcoming future since it is very difficult to properly follow and regulate betting. Domestic operators are often in a pickle, especially with the proper taxation and promoting responsible gaming.

That being said, the market is growing and will likely continue to do so, with expert predicting that Nigeria will surpass South Africa and Kenya in the betting industry. The number of people and the amount of money have nearly doubled since 2014, and, as more and more people have access to the internet and mobile technology, it is safe to say that this Nigeria is a good place to do some serious business.

How to win money through online betting

When it comes to gambling in general, everybody has the same question in mind: how exactly do you make money? How do you not lose? It’s obvious that the answer depends on the game you play, but there a couple of directions you can take to improve your online casino earnings. Still, remember that an important reason why you online casino games are to have fun and win money, so don’t let failure ruin it. Speaking of fun, you could play Angry Birds Christmas at Energy Casino. It’s been recommended by a lot of users and it has big payouts.

Bonus hunting

Much like the bounty hunters of the Wild West, you can look for online casinos that offer bonuses. You probably already know that most of them do, but we want to emphasize that the most substantial ones are given to new users. These are the so called sign up bonuses. Basically, this is how casinos attract people. The casinos give freebies and since people rarely resist something that looks free, they sign up.

Bonus hunting used to be a very profitable way to make money online a few years ago when these bonuses favored the player. However, at this moment there are few casinos that truly give freebies. Virtually all bonuses have wagering requirements and that’s ok, but what changed is that the requirements make it very hard for the player to actually cash in a decent amount. They tend to favor the house and it’s quite easy to understand why. After all, they are not supposed to give money away.

High progressive jackpots

This is the number one way to make a lot of money fast. Online video slots with progressive jackpots make the house advantage disappear. The jackpot keeps growing and the cost of spins combined will always be smaller than the jackpot you can potentially win.

There are a few disadvantages though. Although there is a very small number of players who actually win the extremely high progressive jackpot, the rest of us are likely to run out of money or get too tired before you hit the point where the computer will give you the jackpot.

Nonetheless, the method works and there are plenty of stories where people bet as little as a few hundreds dollars to win millions. This is also the story of Peter Liston who used to be an accountant until he became a professional gambler in Australia after he won big.