Which Lottery has the Best Jackpot Odds? – Lotteries to Bet On

Lotteries are an old and entertaining way of spending time and betting a little bit of money. Some lotteries cost more than others, but those which cost more often offer better prizes or at least a guarantee of a prize. A guaranteed prize is always tempting. People also love lotteries because of online sites and promotional codes. Michigan lottery promos will definitely be enticing to US citizens in Michigan, while an EuroMillions promo would be much more interesting to Europeans.

On the other hand, you have huge jackpots which are even more tempting than a prize. Lots of money for just the price of a ticket is a trade that many would gladly accept. So, what are the odds that you can win one of those prizes? They have to be against the player, simply for financial reasons, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a jackpot. If 300,000 people won a jackpot, they would get a very small amount of money. Here are the lotteries with the best and worst jackpot odds.

SuperEnaLotto – The Lottery to Avoid

If you’re Italian, then you’re likely familiar with your national lottery, but otherwise you might not have heard of it. It is one of the more popular online lotteries, coming after the major international ones and the US big two. The odds in this lottery are that you could win the jackpot in 1 out of every 622,614,630 plays. For comparison, the US Powerball’s odds are 1 to 292,201,338, which is less than twice the plays you would need to purchase. The reason for such low odds is that you need to pick 6 balls out of a possible 90, which is a lot more than other lotteries offer.

EuroMillions – The European Alternative

When talking about gigantic jackpots, EuroMillions is certainly there, though not as large as the US Powerball and Mega Millions. This European lottery has great odds, given the amount of money one could win. The odds are 1 out of 139,838,160, which are again, twice that of the Powerball, or more than twice and more than quadruple to the SuperEnaLotto. With that in mind, Italians would have no reason to play their own lottery, if you just look at the jackpot odds.

Lotteries Worth Considering – Lower Tier Prize Jackpots

Second tier prizes are a different beast. Lotteries with bad odds often compensate for that by offering better odds for second tier prizes. That does not just include the prize next to the jackpot in value, but rather the lowest tier prize which you could also win. Here are the lotteries whose lower tier prizes are the easiest to win.

EuroMillions sits at the top of the table with their 12th division prize. The odds are 1 to 21.

Mega Millions and Powerball are right next to one another, both with 9th division prizes, but the former with 1 to 37 odds and the latter 1 to 38.

These are the lotteries to consider if you want to win a large jackpot or if you want to win any prize. Have in mind that the odds might not be in your favor all the time. If you can at least get enough to refund your ticket, that is a win.