In Which US States is Online Gambling Allowed in 2024? – A US Online Gambling Guide

Online gambling in the United States has been an issue of its own, especially due to the PASPA act of 1992, which banned sports betting in the United States. With that act gone due to it being unconstitutional, sports betting became legalized, but also online gambling. The two are connected, today more than ever, due to the internet. A casino business will often offer sports betting and vice versa. Here are the states which have legalized online gambling and sports betting.

New Jersey

New Jersey was the leader in online gambling regulations in the United States, as well as the first state to legalize sports betting after the PASPA act. They have everything regulated and offer both sports betting and casino games, as well as online poker. They are also the largest online gambling market in the United States, at least at the moment. There are a couple of sites and mobile applications which are dedicated to online gambling.


Pennsylvania is one of the best states to visit if gambling is what you are after, and you do not want to go near the West Coast. Sports betting, online casinos, as well poker are all legal here, not to mention the Pennsylvanian lottery. The major casinos will be launching more of their own online gambling tools to help sports fans and casino fans bet quicker and safer.

West Virginia

West Virginia has legalized sports betting and is looking at legalizing online casino games, as well. Technically, they are possible, but not until 2020. Sports betting, on the other hand, is legal, so if you find yourself in West Virginia, feel free to place a bet on your favorite team.


Delaware is also leading the charge when it comes to online sports betting and casino games. You can do both in Delaware, and have a wider variety of things to play than in other states.


Some look at Nevada and think to themselves that it is the logical choice for gambling. Not if you want to play online casino games. They are illegal in Nevada. But, you can play online poker and place sports bets. For actual casino games and slots, you need to go to a casino.

Rhode Island

Sports betting is legal in Rhode Island and possible only in the state’s two casinos. The casinos actually have to give up a lot of their sports betting revenue, somewhere around 80%. That is a large sum and indicative of the cooperation between the state and casinos.

Online sports betting and casino games, on the other hand, are not yet legalized, but are most likely going to be.

These are the states to look at, but realistically, outside of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, the rest are lagging behind when it comes to online gambling. Rhode Island is getting there, but the 5 states mentioned above, allow almost every kind of online gambling.